DDK TECH ELECFACILITY YANGZHOU CO.,LTD currently has four teams. The company's main operations: smart street lights, smart light poles, smart bus stations, smart advertising light boxes, bus platforms, advertising light boxes, street lights, light poles, smart bus stations, smart advertising light boxes , Monitoring pole, signal light pole, monitoring signal pole, traffic light signal pole, traffic light pole, traffic signal pole, traffic signal light, traffic sign, traffic sign pole, hot-dip galvanized steel pole, hot-dip galvanized light pole, Q235 steel pole, Q345 Steel poles, special-shaped lights, special-shaped light poles

The main business is as follows:
DDK lights: produce various outdoor advertising outdoor lights such as solar energy, LED street lights, flood lights, intelligent integrated camera lights, HPS lights, indoor lights, etc.
DDK steel: production of various steel light poles, traffic light poles, camera light poles, high masts, power HT transmission poles, bus station shelters, billboard light boxes, steel gantry towers, etc.
DDK Solar: produces solar household products such as solar panels, solar street lights, solar Fa, solar bridges, and solar power generation inside and outside the network.
DDK trade: outdoor aluminum poles, FRP poles, outdoor lighting, wheelchairs, machines, ceramic grid rollers, glass products, etc.
We are based on a professional team to provide you with model products that meet your needs and provide design services to save you time and costs.
It is a win-win honesty policy. Believe that you trust us, based on a good supply, warmly welcome to cooperate with you! Thank you for choosing DDK!