The installation of solar street lamps is relatively simple. It is enough to assemble each component separately and directly install it on the tree lamp. Now let the street lamp manufacturer introduce it to us.

There are 5 large solar street lamps. From top to bottom, the first is a solar panel, the second is a lamp holder, the third is a lamp pole, the fourth is a controller, and the fifth is a battery. The same is true for lithium battery. The lithium battery solar street lamp is to install the battery and battery panel on the street lamp bracket.

To install street lamps, first assemble the battery panel bracket, fix the battery panel on the bracket, and connect the wires according to the height of the lamp pole. In this way, install the assembled bracket on the lamp pole and fix it, connect the wire head to the inspection port (the fixing direction is that the lamp pole is upright in the south), and then install the lamp head on the bracket on the lamp pole, so that the lamp line is extended. At the inspection port, we put the battery into the battery slot and extend it to the ground through the threading tube. For the first installation, it is recommended to test the lamp first. First connect the positive and negative poles of the lamp cap to the corresponding positive and negative poles of the controller, then connect the battery, and then connect the battery panel. In the daytime, the lights are turned on first and then off. If there is no problem, fix the tree lamp, fix the direction, fix the base, and then connect the controller cable to bury the battery.

Everything is very good, just install a solar street lamp. By analogy, four people can install 30 to 40 groups of street lamps a day.